#Wear Red and Call Someone You Love is an participatory digital artwork to be performed in front of live streaming webcams. Conceptually rooted in the strategy of re-appropriation, the project reclaims public spaces that are under surveillance by commerical webcams, and repurposes the cameras for personal expression. My goal with the piece is to both draw attention to the webcams and to foster a sense of interconnectedness among participants.

#Wear Red And Call Someone You Love has been exhibited at Artifact Gallery at UCSD and Oceanside Museum of Art in 2012. For the installations, I mounted a monitor with a live feed to the closest public webcam, and provided a map to the webcam site for participants. I worked with museum staff to coordinate walks to the webcam site (for UCSD, the site was the Scripps Pier, and for Oceanside, the North Jetty.) I found that the instructions #Wear Red and Call Someone You Love were simple enough to provide a framework for performance, but also open enough to include anyone who happened to be on the beach wearing red or making a phone call. The idea that everyone on camera was performing, whether they knew about the project or not, became an intriguing element of the piece.

#WearRedandCallSomeoneYouLove Map

#WearRedandCallSomeoneYouLove Webcam Video