I moved to San Deigo in 2008, and discovered a culture of surfcams and hotelcams created for the tourism industry that in effect provided surveillance of the public boardwalks and parks of the area. I wondered if anyone monitored them, and if any one person could possibly watch them all at the same time. I decided to take on my naturally reserved personality by using the webcams to communicate my most secret thoughts to an audience who may or may not be watching.

For Things I Never Say, I stepped into the frame of San Diego's publicly accessible webcams, using the surveillance site as an opportunity for performance. Over the course of several weeks, I held signs up in front of the webcams, confessing my darkest thoughts one word at a time to an online audience. I captured the streaming video as screenshots and have re-presented the stills in print and video format for gallery exhibition. Different iterations of Things I Never Say has been exhibitied at Lui Velasquez gallery in Mexico, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the Cinegrid Exchange 4K Screening at Calit2, and Art Produce Gallery in San Diego.


Things I Never Say (First Thing)


Things I Never Say (Second Thing)


Things I Never Say (Third Thing)