new media, virtual reality, immersive design

CAVE to CAVE Gesture, LIDAR scan, 2014

While working at the research facility of Calit2's Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego, I have been experimenting with CAVEcam, LIDAR, 4K and 8K visual imaging tools, and producing artworks in collaboration with faculty, students, and visiting researchers. These high resolution data sets are intended for view in the Immersive Visualization Labs at Qualcomm Institute in stereo 3D, 4K and 8K projection, and tiled wall display. My interest in using these cutting edge technologies resides in the question of how a personal perspective can be realized from machine driven imaging techniques. While the research projects were mutlifaceted, and my role often included that of Coordinator, Producer, Camera Operator, Technician, and Programmer, the examples below represent a selection of works where my role as artist was primary.

ARQiVE Culture, 2017

Link to HD Video, 3 min

An 8K video curated from samples of the gallery@calit2's exhibits and public talks (2008-2016) focused on the four research themes at Qualcomm Insititute: culture, energy, health, and the environment, intended for playback on the 8K Sony projector in Calit2 Auditorium. Curated and produced in 8K by Trish Stone. Music and Sound Design by Michael Trigilio.

glimpses, 2016

Link to HD video, 3 min

A 4K video featuring selections from the IDEAS performance series (2014-2015). Intended for playback on the Sony 4K projector in the Calit2 Auditorium. Produced in 4K by Trish Stone. Music and Sound Design by Michael Trigilio.

CAVE to CAVE, 2014

The CAVE to CAVE research project, conceived as from Lascaux Cave to StarCAVE, was led by Ricardo Dominguez with undergraduate students enrolled in the ICAM class. We worked together to pursue gestures of institutional intervention and virtual embodiment on campus. LIDAR scans, CAVEcam panormas, and 3D models from the project were created and shown at a public event at the end of the quarter.

Speed of Light, LIDAR scan, 2014

Virtual Gallery (Bodies), LIDAR scan, 2014


The SESMI (Socially Engaged Speculative Media Initiative) CSRO project was led by Michael Trigilio with undergraduate student researchers. The aim of the project was to visualize how we might communicate aspects of our daily lives to our future selves, 3000 years in the future. To this end, we created a mulimedia suite of 4K videos, 3D panoramas, LIDAR scans, and 3D videos and exhibited them in a public event as part of the IDEAS performance series.

Mothering a Drone, 4K Video, 2014

Link to HD video on vimeo

Macy's Without Macy's, Stereo Panorama, 2014

KACST, 2011

View From Curiosity, Stereo Panorama, Image Credit NASA JPL, 2011

The collaboration between Calit2 UC San Diego and KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology) was led by Ramesh Rao, Director of Qualcomm Institute Calit2. For this project i was interested in how data collected on the Mars Rover Curiosity could be collected and formatted for the TourCAVE under construction in Saudi Arabia. It was shown at the university's grand opening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 3D and as a printed stereo pair at gallery@calit2.

KAUST, 2009

The collaboration between Calit2 UC San Diego and KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) was led by Ramesh Rao, Director of Qualcomm Institute Calit2. I acted as a research assistant, learning CAVEcam3D stereo panoramic techniques and LIDAR scanning techniques. I then transferred this knowledge to collaborators from KAUST, working with them to capture, stitch, and present the data.