A network error occurs when there is a software malfunction or replication of a virus. In NETWORK ERROR, I confront the social, cultural and institutional network

vis-à-vis the virality of my body. By replicating my self in miniature, I iteratively infect/assault the allegory of the network, calling for revolution as a cure.


For the exhibition, I created a squad of 3D-printed 'selfies' and used them to stage tiny protests in public spaces, presenting the documentation as research in the

field. Works include a series of photographs, an interactive video game, and a live stream of the figurines installed in the gallery@calit2’s interior and hallways.


Visitors are asked to question the scale of their political fear in contrast to their physical space. How big is your fear? How big are you? The artwork deals with

issues of identity and collaboration, how the body is represented and replicated, and explores the relationship between performance and protest. Security and

insecurity become the personal and political poles of the landscape, concerned with state patrols while planning for revolution.


link to photos on flickr

link to installation photos

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link to photos from opening

link to video from panel


Screenshot from videogame, Something Is Wrong, developed in Unity. Players explore the fantasy landscape as Trish to dscover the source.


Screenshot from gallery webcam (link to live feed Jan-March 2018) The Trishes protest 24-7.